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This site dares Nic Cage wannabes to outscream the master himself

Nicolas Cage Losing His Shit (Screenshot: YouTube)

Over the course of his long career, Nicolas Cage has perfected a certain style of acting, ranging from unrestrained intensity to bug-eyed, caterwauling lunacy. His memorable technique has not only landed Cage multiple film roles but also made him something of an internet mascot, seemingly loved, hated, feared, revered, and mocked in equal measure.

The latest exponent of the internet’s obsession with the actor is a fun interactive site called The Nic Cage Rage Page. Visitors to the gaudy, neon yellow site will find themselves confronted with the image of Face/Off-era Cage in mid-meltdown, his contorted visage bedecked by cartoon lightning bolts. Beneath, a simple request: “Scream For Me.”

The Nic Cage Rage Page (Screenshot: ragelikecage.com)

The cagey homepage then offers an intriguing if vague challenge: “When push comes to shove, when shit hits the fan, could you do it? Could you Rage Like Cage? Thankfully, we can finally answer that question.” Once users click that hot pink banner beneath Cage’s face, they are invited to scream directly into their computers, tablets, or phones. Those screams are then evaluated according to intensity and volume, using Cage himself as a standard. Those who live in apartments and are considerate of neighbors with young children may not be able to rage with much intensity, however.

The Nic Cage Rage Page (screenshot: ragelikecage.com)

Created by a company called Jane.works, this single-use site is the creation of four devoted Cage-aholics: art director Evgeniya Marukhina, copywriters Javed Jasani and David Simons, and developer Igor Terekhov. “We think the world can never have enough Cage,” the site explains. Based on initial experiments, it will take quite a bit of high decibel screaming to impress The Nic Cage Rage Page. Happily, the actor’s own work provides plenty of inspiration. Those who choose to proceed do so at the risk of their own vocal cords.

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