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(Photo: Insight Creative Group/Amy Nickerson)

Whether they’re confirming Will Ferrell rumors or inadvertently becoming street art in Chicago, billboards have been in the news lately, proving that people most certainly look up from their smartphones, occasionally. Recently, one eagle-eyed Imgur user noticed a seductive, sky-high advertisement that’s sure to have Seinfeld fans rubbernecking along the highways.


The “Timeless Art Of Savings” billboard, which presents a titillating tableau from season eight’s fifth episode “The Package,” is for the Oklahoma-based Floor Trader Outlet, who hired Insight Creative Group to come up with a creative outdoor ad. The agency apparently has some Seinfeld fans, including its COO, Bart Brewer, who posed as a stand-in for George Costanza, the Art Vandelay of seduction. Brewer didn’t actually strip down, but he did lounge over the rolls of carpet that took the place of Kramer’s velvet chair. There’s no word on what effect the billboard’s had on Floor Trader Outlet’s business, but at least it’s proven that Seinfeld jokes are as timeless as the art of seduction.

[via Mashable]

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