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This season on Community, paintball has a new name: Koogler!

Illustration for article titled This season on iCommunity/i, paintball has a new name: Koogler!

Every once in a while, a Community season comes along that takes a serious look at paintball in higher education. The sixth season is one of those seasons: As Entertainment Weekly reports, the show’s May 19 episode will once more pit Human Being against Human Being in the ultimate of showdown between the weird, the passionate, and the gross. But to play, you have to find [Record needle scratch.]—Koogler?

Returning to answer the question “What if Van Wilder succeeded in his ‘never graduate’ scheme (and also created Arrested Development)?”, Mitch Hurwitz is the man holding all the balls, so to speak: With the paintball game operating in secret, Koogler is the study group’s only way in. That confidentiality feeds into a spy-film homage, but it’s also connected to the ongoing Greendale makeover headed up by Paget Brewster’s Frankie Dart—putting the paintballers on a collision course with a “Cleaner Greendale” gala recognizing Kumail Nanjiani’s Deputy Custodian Lapari. And with that, your spec script for Koolger II The Maxxx finally has an ending. Just make sure you give all due credit (and all credited doing) to [Comical splat sound effect.] Koooooooooooglerrrrrr!


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