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This satirical trip into "Trump country" is a New York Times op-ed come to life

Photo: Mark Wallheiser (Getty Images)

As the Democratic party flails to find an identity in the wake of Donald Trump’s presidential victory, a number of journalists have tried to “make sense” of his victory by visiting Trump-voting towns and writing braindead editorials that only serve to expose how closed off they are from the realities of the poverty line. It’s often these very same journalists who lament the rising popularity of politicians like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who believe in a form of democratic socialism that many pundits deem “too far left.”

Lampooning all of it is radio producer Jesse Brenneman, who recently took to Twitter to chronicle his trip into “Trump country,” which, according to his numerous videos, appears to be any place that isn’t New York City.


Across a five-day road trip, Brenneman marvels over the radio stations, the lack of gentrification, and the dining options. “Whereas in New York we have places like Sardis and the Rainbo Room, here in Pennsylvania everyone eats at the travel rest stop. This is their fine dining,” he deadpans.


Later, while driving through some green, open country, he wonders where all the homes are. “I don’t know if people used to live here or if the plant shut down...” he says, concern laced in his voice.


Of course, as his tweets reveal, the whole journey is just to write pandering books—a la #Resistance grifters like the Krassenstein Brothers—about the culture divides and why we can’t we all just get along.


Visit Brenneman’s account for more insights into Trump country, including his groundbreaking assertion that, perhaps, there are two Americas?


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