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This satirical RNC website appeals to the "Modern QAnon Republican"

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Screenshot: Bend the Arc (Fair Use)

The 2020 Republican National Convention wraps up its four-night-long train wreck tonight, and if you’ve paid attention to any of it, you could be tempted into thinking their candidate for reelection is a sociopathic narcissist running on a platform of fear, intolerance, and authoritarian, conspiratorial doublespeak. Like, just check out the “official” Republican Nationalist Convention website, which is chock-full of legitimate facts about this year’s RNC attendees...


Alright, so it’s not the actual RNC homepage, but c’mon. How far off is it from reality, really? Created by the progressive Jewish organization, Bend the Arc: Jewish Action, the parody “Republican Nationalist Convention” site invites likeminded red-blooded (white-skinned) patriots to their Trumptastic meetup and QAnon info sessions. The site’s “Who We Are” page even gives a rundown of such party clowns like Rep. Matt Gaetz (“Replacement Theory Promoter”), Rep. Dan Crenshaw (“Racist Facebook Admin”), and the Trump-endorsed House candidate shoe-in, Marjorie Taylor Greene (QAnon supporter). What a lineup.

The best part, however, is arguably the site’s FAQanon section, an early-2000's Geocities-esque page with a handy-dandy primer on the rapidly spreading conspiracy theory embraced by a genuinely shocking amount of Republicans.


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