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This Rihanna fan proves that even the nose can twerk to “Work”

Photo Illustration: Joe Blevins

“Work,” Rihanna’s inescapable, patois-tinged hit single with Drake, has already inspired a Seinfeld mashup and a dramatic Chris Hemsworth reading, but this tribute might be the most special of all. It’s certainly the most anatomically inventive. Sensing a golden opportunity for creative expression, a young, unnamed RiRi fan drew a picture of Rihanna’s backside on her nose and then filmed a video in which she uses her index finger to manipulate that nose in such a way that it appears to twerk.

It is simple. It is ingenious. And, above all, it is endearing, especially when the fan giggles at the end. The humble, smartphone-shot video has apparently gotten some official recognition within the Rihanna camp. It has been featured on the Rihanna Philippines Facebook page. Whether this means that the video originates from the Philippines is not clear as of this writing. What is clear is that this girl’s nose totally looks like a butt in motion.


Mashable’s Alicia Tan points out that the “nose version” of “Work” has already garnered nearly a quarter of a million shares and inspired twerk-alike copycat videos. A mysterious YouTube video called “Never Underestimate What Your Nose Can Do” replicates the nasal stunt with a strange twist. Here, Rihanna’s posterior seems to have etched upon the face of an unconscious man whose participation in the video is not voluntary. This man works and twerks in his sleep.

[via Mashable]

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