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This reggae song by Eddie Murphy and Snoop Lion is not bad, not bad at all

The idea of Eddie Murphy and Snoop Lion collaborating on a reggae song seems silly, until you really consider it. After all, it's okay to admit that "Party All The Time" is something played ironically at parties, but deep down thoroughly enjoyed. Murphy isn't a bad singer, and Snoop is certainly talented, so maybe "Red Light" actually does work. While there's nothing spectacular about the song itself, Murphy and Snoop's vocals are far from bad, and "Red Light" is a solid listen for any fan of the genre. The song surfaced a couple of months ago, but with a Soundcloud release and Murphy's emergence into the Twittersphere, its presence is becoming more official. And, according to Laugh Spin, Murphy is releasing a full-length album, 9, later this year.


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