Screenshot: YouTube

One of the things the recent trailer for Blade Runner 2049 got very right was the sound, with Johan Johansson’s electronic tones neatly evoking and expanding on the sonic palate of Vangelis’ classic soundtrack to Blade Runner. The one thing most people agree the trailer seemed to get wrong was a sense of grit. The original movie’s world, as envisioned by Syd Mead, was a dusty dystopia full of refuse and grime, but things all scanned as a little shiny in the trailer for our return to it.

However, this trailer for the new film, recut as if it were produced in 1982, goes a long way toward feeling as grimy as its predecessor.

It does a great job reimagining the soundtrack as a bunch of weird lo-fi squiggles and bad sound effects, and the new logo might actually be an improvement? At least it tries something new. Perhaps the message between this video and Screen Crush’s similar reimagining of Wonder Woman’s theme is that trailers and credits used to be a lot more wily and fun.