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This re-imagining of Are You Afraid Of The Dark? is Midnight Society approved

For most tweens of the mid-’90s, Are You Afraid Of The Dark? was must-watch TV. The Canadian-made show about the Midnight Society—a mismatched group of teens joined by their shared love of telling scary stories and hanging out in the woods—was a staple of Nickelodeon’s Saturday night SNICK line-up from 1992 to 1996.

Video production team SNEAKYBOY was a big fan of the show when its members were kids, and has turned its talents toward making an updated version of the show’s opening credits.

The SNEAKYBOY version does a great job of conveying everything that made the show great—the combination of the joy of being a middle schooler away from adult supervision and the spooky sensation of walking through the woods at night and so on—without all the ’90s cheese.


Frankly, if Nickelodeon decided to reboot the show just based on this video, it would be a totally reasonable call.

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