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This quiet YouTube cooking channel is the diametric opposite of Guy Fieri

Screenshot: Peaceful Kitchen/YouTube

When not accompanied by judges, time constraints, or raging grease fires, cooking is actually quite relaxing. There’s the rhythm of chopping, the soul-warming smells, and the simple joy of creation. Blame Emeril and his signature “BAM!” for that feeling failing to translate on TV, where chefs tend to prattle and crack catchphrases against saucy guitar licks or otherwise oppressive soundtracks.

But then there’s Peaceful Kitchen, a YouTube channel out of Japan that strips away the excess. In lieu of hosts and dialogue, the videos emphasize the cooking process with close-ups and relevant text. What’s also pronounced are the organic sounds, such as the crinkle of chopped lettuce or whirr of nuts being pulverized in a blender. Some videos have accompanying music, but there’s also a subsection devoted to ones without it. In both instances, the effect is both soothing and mouthwatering.

The channel is vegan, though it encompasses a multitude of dishes, from homemade kimchi to boiled dumplings and even ice cream. There’s even a DIY series showing how founder Ryoya Takashima built his own kitchen. Those videos, as you might imagine are, well, less peaceful.

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