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This “Pokémon meets Angry Birds video is just a fan trailer—for now

Illustration for article titled This “iPokémon /imeets iAngry Birds/i”i /ivideo is just a fan trailer—for now

File this one under “hypothetical business ventures that will probably come true.” Adrian Jensen, a self-proclaimed guy who just loves the production software After Effects, created this fake trailer depicting what a Pokémon-themed Angry Birds game might look like. According to Jensen’s vision, it’s like Angry Birds except you slingshot the heads of various pokémon at other pokémon who you know are evil because they have that mean pig face plastered on them. But it’s the over-the-top twists that Jensen weaves into his vision for the game that makes this trailer a fun watch. 

There’s a certain charm to seeing Groudon, a giant and fearsome monster, rise from the earth with a doofy Angry Birds head slapped onto it. Even the simple concept of augmenting Angry Birds with pokémon abilities—like using Bulbasaur’s vines to change a shot’s trajectory and add destructive momentum—looks like more fun than it has any right to be. And the whole video is eerily convincing, not just because of the high production values—a few raggedy Photoshop cut-out jobs aside—but also because the existence of a product with this much money-making potential is all too plausible.


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