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This Pokemon Go helmet is safe, convenient, and sexy

(Screenshot: YouTube)

Oliver Stone has warned that Pokémon Go paves the way to a totalitarian state. Rihanna and Iran banned it. Russia is wary. But one brave catcher of ’em all has stepped up to say we shouldn’t be banning the game, we should be embracing it and making it even more user friendly. Simone Giertz—also known as the Queen Of Shitty Robots—has a brand new shitty invention to make Pokémon Go more immersive, more isolating, and completely hands-free! What more could you want? Giertz made a helmet with a smartphone case that the most serious of trainers can wear to catch Pokémon with their face and tongues. The helmet has it all: “safety, convenience, sex appeal.” And with your hands freed up, you can multitask while playing. As Giertz puts it: Pokémon Go isn’t just a game; it’s a lifestyle. And nothing screams 2016 lifestyle more than wearable tech. Giertz’s helmet will change everything. Giertz’s helmet will start a revolution.

If you want one of Giertz’s helmets so you too can awkwardly use your nose to throw a Poké Ball at the 75th Doduo you’ve seen today, then you’ll have to make one for yourself. Giertz only made one and she has “no plans to sell this shit.”

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