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This parody brings Frozen 2 straight to Broadway

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Idina Menzel has hinted at and then redacted news of a Frozen sequel and/or a live Broadway musical adaptation. But now a group of real-life Broadway stars have combined those ideas into a fake Broadway musical called Frozen 2 (Subtitle TBD). With help from performers like Bill Irwin, Morgan James, Geoff Packard, John Treacy Egan, Will Blum, Constantine Maroulis, and Taylor Louderman (of Peter Pan Live!) the video documents a “sneak peek concert” of Disney’s low budget sequel that’s “like The Fantasticks only pared down.”


Frozen 2 puts its focus on global warming, casting “authentic white people,” clarifying Elsa’s sexuality, and getting rid of those pesky feminist undertones from the original movie. From insider theater jokes (many aimed at the upcoming Finding Neverland musical) to inside Frozen jokes (including a rousing group number from Oaken’s family), Frozen 2 has just about everything one could ask for from a fake Disney musical. And while it doesn’t have a song as good as “Let It Go,” it does have one that’s higher.

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