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This paper-craft version of Game Of Thrones’ King’s Landing is pretty rad

Illustration for article titled This paper-craft version of iGame Of Thrones/i’ King’s Landing is pretty rad

There’s a reason why the intricate cogs-and-gears opening sequence of HBO’s Game Of Thrones is created in a computer instead of using practical materials, and that’s because the latter would be hellishly difficult. Still, given the show’s audience and popularity, those with the money, time, and the brand synergy necessary will try, as this paper-craft recreation of the King’s Landing portion of the opening sequence shows. Created by animation studio Dadomani for paper goods company Moleskine to announce its new line of Thrones-themed notebooks, this snippet of the show’s intro required an astonishing 7,600 paper cut-outs and 750 photos to create.

As cool as that is, for those who appreciate delicate craft, the behind-the-scenes video is almost more magical, watching the Italian-based design team bring a little slice of Westeros to life one wafer-thin piece at a time.

[via designboom]


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