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This painting of every Bob's Burgers character is like a Where's Waldo of lovable, meat-punning weirdos

Illustration for article titled This painting of every iBobs Burgers/i character is like a iWheres Waldo /iof lovable, meat-punning weirdosem/em
Photo: Fox

For nine seasons now, Bob’s Burgers has been the most consistently delightful thing in Fox’s animated line-up, slipping into the smart, funny, and warm family-based sitcom space vacated by The Simpsons as it settles ever more deeply into its dotage. And while the show’s Ocean Avenue can’t quite match Springfield’s Evergreen Terrace when it comes to putting a massive roster of lovable weirdos up on the screen, the show’s bench of (mostly) well-meaning oddballs is getting deeper by the year.


Need proof? Just check out the above painting by artist Bob Jacobson—and passed around by one of the show’s assistant directors, Simon Chong—showing off pretty much every character to ever step through the Belcher family’s doors. From Taff and Little King Trashmouth in one corner, to Kiki the capybara and the Jon Hamm-voiced talking toilet in another, it’s a sort of Where’s Waldo game of capoeira masters, sexy puppets, and elitist pony enthusiasts. Also: a murdered elephant, a holiday monster, and at least one Rudy of Regular Size. There’s a lot of fun stuff to pick out here—and great episodes to reminisce over—is the point we’re trying to make.

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