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This original Calvin And Hobbes artwork could be yours if you have a lot of money

In slightly more heartwarming yet no less bittersweet news involving a frustratingly reclusive comics genius, Heritage Auctions of Dallas has the only original piece of Calvin And Hobbes artwork ever to be put up for public auction—a beyond-rarity from Bill Watterson, who gifted it to comics historian Rick Marschall some 20 years ago. The drawing (seen above) comes from the 1989 Calvin And Hobbes calendar, something that is itself a collector’s item considering that Watterson never allowed the licensing of his beloved characters, thereby forcing generations of fans and dreamers to devise their own homages featuring Calvin peeing on things.

With just over 21 days left in the auction, bidding for the watercolor is currently at $12,000 and climbing, and the end figure is expected to top out around $50,000. And so this piece of Calvin And Hobbes history could be all yours, provided you are someone who is willing to spend upwards of $50,000 on a piece of comic art. Considering our readership demographics are 45 percent idle billionaires, 35 percent people who are about to get laid off by said billionaires if they don’t stop looking at the Internet and get back to work, and 20 percent assorted perverts who ended up here accidentally while looking for naked pictures of TV actresses, we’d say the odds are pretty good that you’ll be bidding. So send us a photo whenever you get it! [via THR]


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