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This oddly moving montage of videogame characters running will give you nostalgic fits

Videogame characters, especially the really old ones, are just a series of bits. And when you zoom in on them, it becomes really obvious that some programmer on some outdated computer (probably running LOGO) drew this guy to look like something you're supposed to root for. "How dare he," you think to yourself as you wipe the tears from your eyes at the death of your Mega Man, your Link, your Guy From Game I Can't Remember. There are plenty of these moments in our collective videogame past, and this montage collects them all. Simply titled "Go Right," it's a bunch of characters running into the unknown and occasionally faltering, but inevitably succeeding. Geez, time to go write 700 poems nobody but Samus Aran would appreciate. And why are they always running right? That's some Western culture superiority we've been engineering.



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