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Back in the year 2000, as the popularity of virtual pet devices like Tamagotchi and Digimon hit their respective peaks, a bizarre video game named Seaman dropped on the Sega Dreamcast. The game gave players the opportunity to raise their own virtual pet from an egg to a full-grown Frogman, and you could even speak directly to the monstrositya fish with a man’s faceby talking into a microphone that was bundled with the title. Seaman was weird as hell, but the little guy was voiced by Leonard Nimoy, which counts for something.

Well, it seems like a tourist in China might’ve found an actual Seaman in the wild, because holy shit look at this fish’s weird human face.


Here’s Seaman for comparison:

The Seaman sighting comes from a random visitor of the Miao Village, a tourist spot in the city of Kunming, China, who caught this fish and its chiseled markings on video and shared it to Weibo, a Chinese social media platform. Comparisons to Game Of Thrones’ Night King, a Xenomorph, and the end of Monty Python’s Meaning Of Life followed.


But it’s Seaman that’s summoned for most, as it should be.


Anyways, add Seaman-carp to China’s roster of baffling creatures, right alongside its local Loch Ness Monster and those soon-to-be-bred human-monkey hybrid beasts.

[via Mirror]


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