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This new Bob’s Burgers music video is tasty

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Music has always been a big part of Bob’s Burgers. Whether it’s the silly songs that play out the show, the various fart-injected songs of Gene, or the musical stylings of the always-down-for-a-song Linda. And while fans are still waiting for news about the (allegedly) upcoming album from the show, they can take some solace in this newly released music video from the animated Belcher clan.


Behind Bob’s Burgers is a YouTube channel from Loren Bouchard and the other creators of Bob’s Burgers that is filled with videos of animatics, live reads, and assorted musical ephemera from the show. It’s on that channel that the creative powers-that-be have debuted a video for “Da Ding Ding,” taken from the first season episode, “Burger Wars.” Animated by Bento Box Entertainment, the video is a psychedelic trip through burgers and burger accessories, with cameos from everyone’s favorite characters (including the wine drinking raccoon!) and some be-bop dancing from the Belchers themselves. It’s not the same as an album, but it may soothe that longing ache for more audio output from everyone’s favorite struggling burger business.

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