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This MythBusters tribute is explosive

It was a sad day yesterday as MythBusters, arguably the greatest non-fiction television show of the 21st century, aired its final episode. (Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman ended the series with a tribute to their favorite all-purpose adhesive, duct tape. It turns out that you can use duct tape to build a working trebuchet, but not to repair your seatbelt.)

While science geeks, know-it-alls, and people who like to see things get tossed around and blown up are no doubt still in mourning, everyone should take a minute to sit back and remember the good times. They can reminisce with the highlight reel MythBusters’ digital strategist Thomas Crenshaw has culled from the show’s 14 seasons on the air. Not surprisingly, it’s full of explosions, screams of joy, and crash-test dummies having a bad day.


MythBusters Series Finale Video from Thomas Crenshaw on Vimeo.

Rest in peace, MythBusters. And rest in pieces, Buster.

[Via Laughing Squid]

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