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This music video speaks to everyone who is unduly passionate about LaCroix

Screenshot: YouTube

LaCroix sparkling water is an honest-to-god phenomenon, a casual beverage that evokes the fizzy, bubbly sensation of soda without the extra calories or nebulously destructive chemicals. So popular is the drink that it’s spawned everything from its own curious form of pornography to musical odes both earnest and rip-roaring. This new video from rapper Big Dipper may outshine them all, though.

Called “LaCroix Boi,” the sexy, evocative track celebrates the drink’s “tiny bubbles” and vast assortment of flavors, from “passionfruit” to “cran-raspberry” to, most emphatically, “pamplemousse.” Fit studs in their underwear dance alongside Big Dipper, whose robust, hair-laden figure is routinely doused in the waves of the foamy nectar.


We’d love to see what kind of LaCroix can Big Dipper would design. It says a lot about who you are as a person, after all.

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