Screenshot: YouTube

Fall TV is kicking into high gear soon enough, but until then Stranger Things is more than happy to continue dominating TV headlines (sorry The Get Down). And in the latest bit of Stranger Things-related ephemera: Justin Delay of the music website Reverb breaks down exactly how the show’s synth-heavy soundtrack came to be. Composed by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein of the band Survive, the Stranger Things score references everything from John Carpenter films to Tangerine Dream. And Delay explores all those references—and how to replicate them—in nitty-gritty detail in Reverb’s new video.

Although the 15-minute video is aimed at musicians, anyone can enjoy hearing the Stranger Things score come to life with the help of Delay’s impressive synthesizer collection. For more on the topic, check out Sean O’Neal’s exploration of the score’s musical context. Or just buy the show’s soundtrack, which is currently available digitally and will be released as a CD on September 16.


[via Reverb]