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This movie dancing supercut is pretty fantastic

There’s something a little excessive about the Internet producing yet another supercut, but this time around there’s nothing to apologize for. YouTube user MsTabularasa has elevated the art of movie dancing supercuts with her elegantly assembled, perfectly timed celebration of cinematic movement. Set to Walk The Moon’s catchy “Shut Up And Dance,” the video manages to make it seem like the characters are actually dancing to the song while fitting in clips from over 80 different films (the full list is available on the video’s top comment).

The whole thing is funny, charming, and slightly sexy. And while we feel there maybe could have been one or two more classic musicals in there, it’s hard to complain about a video that seamlessly transitions from Tropic Thunder to The Blues Brothers to Mary Poppins. It’s even got a famous fan as well. Mark Ruffalo—who appears in a clip from 13 Going On 30—shared a link on his Tumblr, noting, “I’m honored to be included in this compilation amongst so many other amazing actors! But seriously, how good are Jennifer Garner’s moves?” [via Vox]

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