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Deadpool performs an interpretive dance for Celine Dion in the video for "Ashes"

The cheeky, self-referential marketing for the Deadpool films can be—and we mean this in the most affectionate way possible—a little much sometimes. But hiring ‘90s movie-soundtrack queen Celine Dion to perform an original song for the upcoming Deadpool 2, then making a good old-fashioned music video foe the song that cuts between clips from the film and Dion waving her arms around in a flowy, floor-length dress (not to mention Ryan Reynolds performing an interpretive dance in heels and his Deadpool suit)? Well played, Fox.

The video for “Ashes,” which features a deadpan, winking chorus of “Let beauty come out of ashes,” premiered this morning on Good Morning America. Deadpool 2 is out on May 18.


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