It’s best-of season already, complete with its own mash-ups to help ring out the old: There’s been a montage of the best films, a remix of the top songs, and now an excellently edited gathering of some great moments from various trailers throughout the year—even if the movies themselves weren’t that great (side-eye at you, Robocop remake). The Sleepy Skunk has put together a compilation of these shots and sequences that runs the gamut of propulsive to pondering, quiet to chaotic, backed by three songs.

Sleepy Skunk posted the full list of the film trailers used in his montage (There’s a fine line between supercut, mash-up, and montage, but this one seems like it requires more effort, so lets give it the “montage” moniker). It’s a good reminder that every film has something to offer—even if it’s just one shot, one sequence, one character, one performance, or one line; there’s always something to be gleaned that’s interesting and can resonate with people even outside of its proper context within a film.


No matter how the actual films turned out, this year was a surprisingly powerful one for trailers, with stand outs like Birdman, The Lego Movie, Inherent Vice, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Snowpiercer, The Fault In Our Stars, John Wick, Whiplash, and even the latest Transformers entry delivering a few seconds of impressive and compelling cinematic moments. Plus, one of those aforementioned trailers led to the always hilarious instance of Marky Mark, as a Texan inventor, saying, “Guys, I think we found a Transfohmah.”