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With the announcement that Nintendo is considering getting back into the film game, now’s the perfect time for some fan films to show what could be possible for a film based on one of its games. Enter Metroid: The Sky Calls, an incredibly effective and well-done film made by Rainfall Films and directed by Sam Balcomb that is based on the incredibly popular Metroid series of games. In this film, Samus Aran (played by Jessica Chobot) happens upon an odd signal coming from a derelict planet and goes to investigate.


It’s a simple premise for a short film that promises a lot more adventures to come, and it’s all filtered through the influences of classic films like Alien, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Solaris. The effects are impressive, creating a whole world for Samus to explore and also creating a real sense of dread and isolation that would permeate a Metroid film.

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