The video for "100x," by Tegan and Sara

Indie pop twins Tegan And Sara released a new video last week, in advance of their upcoming album, Love You To Death. Instagram fans (or, as they’re popularly known, “Instagrammas”) might already recognize the setting for “100x,” which features little more than brave, beautifully coiffed puppies staring into a blowing wind (and is all the better for it).

That’s because the duo teamed up for the video with social media favorite @JessRonaGrooming, whose speciality is posting videos of freshly washed dogs getting blown dry while pop music plays in the background. That might sound super simple, because it is, but that doesn’t mean there’s not something hypnotic about watching goofy-looking puppers brace against the wind while Pearl Jam plays in the background.


Not that Rona’s afraid to go topical, either:


So, yeah. You can either spend your afternoon watching videos of dogs being adorable while pop music plays, or spend it thinking about what’s wrong in your life that you aren’t watching videos of dogs being adorable while pop music plays. Those are your choices, now, in this post-@jessronagrooming life.