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This mashup of every AC/DC song ending sounds like the band falling down a stairwell

Photo: Tony Mottram/Getty Images

AC/DC is about as dependable as it gets. After all, what other band could replace its original vocalist and somehow find the one dude that sounds almost exactly like the guy who preceded him—and then Axl Rose, but that appears to be more of a stopgap solution than anything. As further proof of the band’s ability to rarely deviate from a specific form, the recent discovery of “How Should We End This?” splices together the ending of every AC/DC song ever recorded into one giant crash of cymbals, chords, and wailing vocals.

In a way, it’s admirable that AC/DC so consistently ends its songs with a powerful final strike. The band seems to never make use of a fade-out or any kind of studio trickery. These songs stop on a dime, giving the impression that the band ends songs by collectively saying, “We are done with this fucking thing.” Punctuated with Brian Johnson’s vocal ticks—an “Ow!” or “Ooo!”—the mashup sounds like what would happen if the band were pushed down a flight of stairs. It’s painful and panicked, and a disorienting listen. In this sense it is perhaps the perfect thing to listen to while looking at the internet today. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


[via Lazer Horse]

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