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This Man In The High Castle trailer wants you to know it's the end of the world—possibly all of them

After three seasons of alternate-universe Nazi shenanigans, Amazon’s alt-history drama The Man In The High Castle is finally set to end very soon, with its final season premiering on November 15. To celebrate the swan song of its critically well-regarded take on the Philip K. Dick classic, the streaming service released a new trailer today, letting us all know that, wouldn’t you know it, it’s the end of the world again.

Yes, it’s time for another installment of “Ominous Pop Song Cover Theater,” the recurring feature in which we acknowledge that popular songs certainly do sound a lot spookier when slowed down or filled with distortion. In this case, it’s Skeeter Davis’ “The End Of The World,” the popular 50s apocalyptic ballad, that’s being used to underscore all this incipient TV violence. Fitting, given that Rufus Sewell and his Greater Nazi Reich buddies seem ready to finally break down the barriers from their world into ours, which we can’t imagine will turn out well for, well, anybody.

We also get another shot of The Statue Of Liberty going down (from the show’s third-season finale, which aired back in October 2018), as well as plenty of indications that things are coming to a head for Resistance and Reich-member alike. We’ll know more when The Man In The High Castle debuts its final season next month.


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