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This low-budget commercial for a cat rescue shelter is purrrrfectly cheesy

Commercials for foster animals can be a somber affair, what with all the sad-eyed kitties and Sarah McLachlan, so it’s refreshing to see an approach that skews toward the lighter side. In this lo-fi commercial for Furkids, a no-kill animal shelter and rescue in Atlanta, a self-aware amalgamation of Robin Williams and Paul Reiser cracks wise alongside any number of fluffy, adorable, and grumpy cats. It’s aesthetically sloppy—the camera wobbles and the people behind it keep giggling—but that only contributes to its amiable warmth, resulting in a much-needed dose of cheer.

There’s plenty to celebrate here, whether it’s the host’s motley crew of cheesy one-liners, the cats’ deadpan reactions, or an extra’s bargain-bin approximation of an inflatable dancing tube man. Kudos also to the noodly background music, which devolves into gibberish in the final moments.


Seriously, though, adopt a cat.

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