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This Lizzo and Cookie Monster interaction delivered the perfect "Truth Hurts" remix

Photo: Dia Dipasupil (Getty Images)

Two years after she first released “Truth Hurts,” Lizzo’s absolute banger has reached number one on the Billboard charts, where it’s remained for two weeks in a row. The track has become so prolific that it’s inspired the inevitable Kidz Bop cover (“I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% that kid”), but it wasn’t until yesterday that Lizzo unlocked one of the most flattering pop culture achievements: An acknowledgement from Sesame Street. It began with a cute-as-hell tweet from Cookie Monster (yes, he has his own Twitter account), which elicited a response from Lizzo herself—yielding not only the perfect remix of “Truth Hurts,” but a social media interaction that is just so pure:


We are not worthy of such joy, and yet, perhaps because Lizzo is a gracious and benevolent queen, it didn’t stop there:

Lizzo collected a few of her favorite replies featuring additional lyrics like “You coulda had a big batch, gooey middle.” In her caption, Lizzo expresses a desire to hit up Sesame Street, “cuz I’m tryna twerk w/Big Bird.” Honestly, if Sesame Street doesn’t invite Lizzo on to hang with Big Bird and Cookie Monster in the next, like, hour, we should absolutely riot.

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