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This live-action Cowboy Bebop fan film kicks stylish amounts of ass

Suggesting that Netflix’s plans for a live-action Cowboy Bebop remake may not be as far-fetched—or automatically expensive—as they initially might have seemed, YouTube star King Vader made a hell of a splash this week with a new video translating the classic anime into a simple, lo-fi aesthetic. The basic beats of a Bebop throwdown are all here, from the cartoonish criminal baddies, to the stylish soundtrack, a remix of the show’s original theme song “Tank!” with a fitting J-Squad beat.

But it’s Vader who really shines as the clip’s stand-in Spike Spiegel, cockily smirking and knocking dudes out in a rumpled blue suit. The clip succeeds by recognizing that Bebop thrived way less on spaceships (or even super-intelligent, adorable corgis) than on pure style; get the swagger right, and everything else clicks into place.


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