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This list of Arnold Schwarzenegger one-liners proves he’s a global treasure

Arnold Schwarzenegger probably doesn’t make it into many cinephiles’ top 10 actors of all time, and that’s a shame. No other actor simultaneously expresses cinematic absurdity while providing suspense relief quite like Schwarzenegger. He’s the king of action movie one-liners. Not even the tragedy of Batman & Robin can dethrone him.

In recognition of this accomplishment, Grantland’s Shea Serrano compiled the definitive list of a Schwarzenegger’s action one-liners. Although it’s hilarious, it’s an educational article at it’s core. This means less of the ones everyone knows (come on, you heard of that Terminator line), and a lot more Total Recall: the 1990 film with the three-breasted woman, Hank (Dean Norris) from Breaking Bad, and a whole lot of wit.

[via Grantland]


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