Forever doomed to be the EdTV of biopic stars, Toby Jones once again finds himself squaring off against an able competitor playing the same famous person—in this case, Anthony Hopkins, whose take on Alfred Hitchcock in next year's Hitchcock has the prestige of actually premiering on the big screen and an all-star cast that includes Helen Mirren, Scarlett Johansson, and, uh, Jessica Biel and Ralph Macchio. But in a reverse of the Infamous/Capote situation, the Jones-starring The Girl does have the advantage of arriving first on HBO (on Oct. 20), as well as the lurid appeal of watching Jones-as-Hitchcock torture the hell out of Sienna Miller, who plays Hitchcock's obsession Tippi Hedren, and will therefore be repeatedly assaulted with birds.

Even given that, though, it's obviously too soon to judge which film will prove superior, so for right now it's all about comparing publicity stills and deciding Who Wore The Jowls Best—Hopkins or Jones below. Unfortunately for Jones, given his naturally elfin features and the fact that the makeup department apparently stopped somewhere around his neck and declared, "Eh, good enough for TV," The Girl doesn't seem likely to break his streak.  [via TV Line]