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This is what the next Star Trek movie will be called

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For most of the past three years or so, J.J. Abrams' forthcoming Star Trek sequel has been referred to as Star Trek 2, for lack of a more accurate name. But today is the day those people are now wrong and/or immediately wistful for when it was just called Star Trek 2: Paramount has confirmed that the May 17, 2013 film will be titled Star Trek Into Darkness—just like that, without being separated by any sort of colon or dash or ellipsis or one of those little emoticons where the smiley face is sarcastically rolling its eyes. Instead it's a complete phrase, as in "Kevin took a star trek into darkness this weekend, and then posted a bunch of crappy pictures of it on Instagram." So with that settled, you may now begin debating what this suggests about the film's plot points. A Joseph Conrad homage? Evil twins? The Enterprise gets really into revivalist cock rock? Romance with Uhura?


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