Jerry Seinfeldā€™s web series, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, embraces sincerity. Thatā€™s part of the joke of the titleā€”itā€™s a matter-of-fact list of all the pertinent facts a viewer might want. Seinfeldā€™s banter with his guests might still showcase the irony and sarcasm that made him a household name, but the basic premiseā€”Seinfeld and a friend driving around in a vintage car drinking coffeeā€”resists all attempts to layer alternate meanings onto it.

The show recently debuted its fourth season, and, with it, a new theme song, enthusiastically sung by Seinfeld himself. Itā€™s even weirder than you would imagine, full of silly puns, forced rhymes, and incredibly off-key vocals. Itā€™s hard to tell whether itā€™s meant as a mocking homage to the themes from shows Seinfeld helped to make culturally irrelevant, a sincere effort to delight, or simply the choice of a very, very rich man who now seeks to amuse himself by confusing the world. In any case, itā€™s worth at least one listen, if only so that you can say you listened to Jerry Seinfeld sing, and lived to tell the tale.

[via Splitsider]