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This is what interior decorating looks like when you have too much money and really like Christmas

This is a home of Christmas dreams—or nightmares
This is a home of Christmas dreams—or nightmares
Photo: Zillow

To combat the awfulness of 2020, many people are decorating their homes for the holidays early this year—turning their living rooms into winter wonderlands. This is a story about a home that decided to go all in on that concept.

“You are not ready for this,” a Twitter user posted Thursday afternoon along with a link to a Zillow listing for a New Jersey home being sold for $2.2 million. The listing includes a 72-picture slideshow, which starts off with palatial images of the exterior and grounds of this, in the words of the realtor, “custom-built colonial set on 2.77 professionally landscaped Acres.” But as you dig a little deeper into this “Spectacular, Stunning, Tranquil” manison, you are greeted in the entryway by an avalanche of Christmas decorations. It’s unclear if the home is always decorated like the aisles of a Michael’s or if is like breaking out the fancy china for guests, but the listing has been on Zillow for almost 35 days, so those life-size nutcracker statues have been standing at attention since at least early October.

Unfortunately there’s no 3D walkthrough (like with our favorite accidental video game of 2020, 8800 Blue Lick Rd), but as you click through the gallery the gems move beyond holiday-themed to more generally “this is what happens when you have too much money” territory. A particular favorite is the gym room that doubles as a Disney store. There’s also... Well, we’ll let you peruse the photos yourself.


Clicking back through, there’s an early photo with a sign that reads “SANTA STOP HERE.” It is likely meant to be interpreted as imploring Santa to make sure and come down the chimney at this house, but in this case it may be pleading with him to cut it out with the decorations.

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