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This is what happens when the Weather Channel gets pissed

(Screenshot: Weather.com)

The Weather Channel is not here for any climate change denier bullshit, and it will politely refute you if you spew it. Breitbart—what is essentially the official news source of the Trump White House—published a piece last week with the headline: “Global Temperatures Plunge. Icy Silence from Climate Alarmists.” Proving that nonsense has an audience, the House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, and Technology reposted the story without comment or analysis.

Embedded in the Breitbart article was a Weather Channel clip in which meteorologist Kait Parker broadcasts about La Niña. Well, Parker was not happy with her face being attached to some bogus theories, so she made a well-reasoned video, carefully breaking down just how wrong the Breitbart report was. “Here’s the thing: Science doesn’t care about your opinion,” she said. “Cherry picking and twisting the facts will not change the fact—note ’fact’ not ‘opinion’—that the Earth is warming.”

Parker then goes on to eloquently debunk Breitbart’s claims, explaining how land temperatures do not give the full picture, and that it’s irresponsible to blame the Earth’s warmth entirely on the presence on El Niño. She closes: “So next time you’re thinking about consulting a cherry picked article, try consulting a scientist first. And to all my fellow scientists out there: Let’s make the facts louder than the opinions.”


It’s unclear if anyone at Breitbart actually watched the video. The publication decided to basically ignore anything Parker said, and reacted with a series of bemused emojis trying to write The Weather Channel off as silly and wasteful.

[via Deadline]

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