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This is what Daniel Day-Lewis looks like as Abraham Lincoln in jeans

Our patriotic hysteria over the British invasion of American history aside, we all pretty much agree that Daniel Day-Lewis is going to do a fine job as the star of Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, right? We’ll take it from the indistinct murmurs now echoing through the streets of the nation that yes, you’re on board and/or lapsing into dementia. But as further argument that Day-Lewis is taking his usual immersive, Method approach to the role, consider this tweet from Variety’s Jeff Sneider: “Word around town is that Daniel Day-Lewis hasn't broken his Lincoln accent since March. His real name doesn't even appear on the call sheet.”

Obviously there’s no elaboration on whether he’s also been eschewing electricity and loudly expressing his paranoid bafflement at modern plumbing at home, but if so, that probably sucks for his kids. Still, most likely not, as his commitment to the role clearly doesn’t forbid wearing a comfy pair of jeans and sneakers, as evidenced by this candid snap of Day-Lewis in full Lincoln beard at a Richmond, Virginia-area restaurant—but, you know, Lincoln if he had a day off and maybe had some stuff to pick up at the Home Depot. [@UVAMichael via Movieline]

UPDATE: We've since been informed that Splash News now has exclusive rights to the suddenly very popular Twitter photo. (Though you can still see it here.)

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