Having lost both its original director and star, the proposed reboot of The Crow remains in a state of purgatory, forced to wander the dark limbo between life and death while listening to some Jesus And Mary Chain and being sad about stuff. But it still lives on in the imagination, fired by the still-burning question of how the production team planned to transform Bradley Cooper into the titular vengeful wraith without cracking open Bradley Cooper’s ribs and allowing the whorls of his internal abyss to seep into every corner of the frame, blotting with perpetual blackness where once there was light. Since that would have presented some obvious technical hurdles, as these recently leaked conceptual images from artist Diego Latorre demonstrate, the producers apparently went a more rational route to capturing Bradley Cooper’s perpetual inner torment: giving him a braided mohawk thing and also maybe a hat with a skull on it. Hey, why didn’t anyone mention the hat earlier? People might have been less skeptical.