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This is what Ashton Kutcher looks like as Steve Jobs

When it was first announced that Ashton Kutcher would essay the role of late Apple founder Steve Jobs, it sparked some immediate skepticism over how Kutcher could hope to inhabit the role—besides, as producer Mark Hulme put it, providing the "psychological complexity" that is the hallmark of the Ashton Kutcher performance, and paying other people to create technology, which makes him fundamentally the same person as Steve Jobs. Yes, Kutcher may be exactly the same person as Steve Jobs, really, when it comes down to it, and as an actor, he regularly plumbs the depths of the human soul in all its complex forms—and he can grow a beard, which sort of makes him look like a young Steve Jobs—but the question remained: Could Kutcher could possibly wear jeans and a turtleneck, losing himself in the persona of Steve Jobs with the same method intensity as someone pulling together a Halloween costume at the last minute?

Thankfully these photos from TMZ reveal that, yes, he can. And while some have already quibbled both with the anachronistic confluence of Steve Jobs' '70s-era hirsuteness with the uniform he didn't adopt until decades later, as well as the fact that Kutcher isn't even wearing Jobs' recognizable New Balance sneakers, surely these are merely matters of Kutcher's dramatic license. The movie, after all, is called Jobs: Get Inspired, which is definitely what is going on here. Inspiration.


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