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This is what Amanda Seyfried looks like as Linda Lovelace

Even before Lindsay Lohan was hired and subsequently fired from the (probably scrapped) Inferno, the Amanda Seyfried-starring Lovelace seemed like the classier of the two competing biopics about the making of Deep Throat—not only because of its lack of dog-fucking and semen-smearing scenes, but also its intriguingly all-star ensemble (though mostly the former). It definitely doesn't hurt that Seyfried is one of several actresses whose role in Mean Girls represents her humble beginnings rather than her peak, and here she once more rubs it in Lindsay Lohan's face—where "it" is her achievement and not, again, semen—with the just-released poster for Lovelace. "An air of implicit naughtiness is a lot more effective when they haven't already seen you naked like 100 times," Seyfried's glance seems to be saying, though something tells us there will be other interpretations of that look, soon answered by the sound of ringing cash registers. [via Latino Review]


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