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This is what Allison Williams looks like as Peter Pan

NBC’s bid to spin Twitter cattiness into more ratings gold got an early start today with the first look at Allison Williams in her Peter Pan Live! costume, which she will be wearing to the never-ending music festival that is Neverland. Williams herself shared the look with NBC’s Today, in a rare moment of synergistic self-promotion for the network, explaining that she “sort of very tentatively offered to cut my hair,” only to be told that they have a wig for that sort of thing—by the looks of it, one they’d scalped from a Baptist preacher back in 1984. Presumably, Williams also sort of very tentatively offered to wear tights for the role, but they said, “Don’t be silly. We have bike shorts and a mesh T-shirt some guy left at our place after Pride. A little Febreze and we’re good.”


Judging by the image, the musical finds Williamsburg bike messenger Peter Pan leading a ragtag group of breakdancers against evil developer Captain Hook, who threatens to tear down their community center unless they can put on a successful talent show. This particular shot is taken from the climactic scene where Peter visits the Sears Portrait Studio to give Wendy something to remember him by. “Have a cool summer!” it reads on the back.

Peter Pan Live! can be seen December 4 all over your social media feed.

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