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A lot of shows are being canceled, but you can’t cancel shows without also renewing others (that’s obviously not true, but these networks have to air something). According to Variety, one of the things NBC will continue to air is This Is Us, and it will continue to air for at least three more seasons. This is the second time the drama series has had a multi-year pick-up like this, with the network ordering two additional seasons after the first one was such a hit, and with the last of those wrapping up at the beginning of last month, it’s now time to lock it down for another few years.


This will keep This Is Us around through 2022, but after that it’s ending will most likely be in sight. Variety notes that series co-showrunner Isaac Aptaker has that “the plan” is for This Is Us to “potentially wrap up after three more seasons,” thought it’s unclear if that means these three seasons or three additional seasons—nine years seems a long time to go for a show that seems to hinge a lot of its appeal on watching very sad things happen to a nice family, though.

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