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As previously announced, singer/actor/Pete Buttigieg supporter Mandy Moore is swerving from her current gig, starring on NBC’s This Is Us, to go back to her musical roots. Rolling Stone reports that Silver Landings—Moore’s first album in more than 10 years, after 2009’s Amanda Leigh—is scheduled to be released on March 6 on Verge Forecast. Moore is also planning an extensive North American tour that kicks off in Pittsburgh on March 20 and wraps up on May 9 in Denver.

Three songs from the new record are already available: “When I Was Watching,” “I’d Rather Lose,” and new release “Save A Little For Yourself.” This latest musical concoction appears to keep in the same theme Moore stressed in “Watching”: prioritizing love for yourself over love for someone else. As she told Rolling Stone,

“Save A Little For Yourself” is sort of the other half of a love song that we don’t always talk about or acknowledge. Sure, we should open ourselves up, let people in and love them as wholly as possible, but none of that carries any water if we’re not taking care of ourselves first and foremost. It might not be as romantic, but it’s an equally important part of the equation.

It’s a refreshing message in the romance-saturated pop music world, transmitted via a decidedly soft rock country vibe. “I’d Rather Lose” is even twangier, in a sort of Rumours-era Stevie Nicks mode—all of which bodes well for the upcoming release.


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