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This is the night for Disney to announce a live-action Lady And The Tramp remake

Walt Disney making dogs kiss in 1949
Photo: Keystone (Getty Images)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney and director Charlie Bean have just shared a kiss over a plate of romantic spaghetti and announced a “live-action” remake of Lady And The Tramp. This will be a Jungle Book-style “hybrid” of live-action and computer graphics, implying that the eponymous dogs will be digital while the human characters—including Lady’s owner and the beloved pasta man—will be played by human actors.

Bean previously directed The Lego Ninjago Movie, which had a bit more fighting than the original Lady And The Tramp, but kissing with spaghetti isn’t too far removed from wacky ninja action. The Hollywood Reporter story also says that the Lady And The Tramp remake is being developed exclusively for Disney’s still-mysterious streaming service, which is set to launch at some point next year.


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