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This is probably our last post about Loutallica

For several months, we did a lot posts about Lou Reed, Metallica, and the collaboration that begat one of 2011's most memorable albums, Lulu. Then the record came out, we reviewed it, and decided to back off. We had our say; also, some of you begged us to stop. We truly thought we were done talking about this—assuming that Loutallica doesn't follow through on threats to tour—but then video of the group's performance of the Velvet Underground's "White Light/White Heat" from Later … With Jools Holland appeared online this week. At first we ignored it, but something about the clip demanded attention. "White Light/White Heat" is a great song—we know, we've played it a lot over the years. But this … sounds exactly like Lulu. Which either means "White Light/White Heat" isn't a great song, or Lulu is much better than we originally thought. Who knew the end of this story would have such a shocking twist?

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