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This is how HBO solved Game Of Thrones' severed George Bush head problem and healed our nation

Bringing an official end to Game Of Thrones' severed George W. Bush head controversy—and with it, lasting peace to America—The Washington Post reports that digital artists have finally done what Hollywood prop-masters have long been unable to: Get rid of one of those pesky George W. Bush heads that are always around, clogging up the corners of film shoots like so much driftwood and flotsam. After numerous apologies and debates over whether this all means that HBO is totally socialist (which, obviously), the offending episode is now cleared for return to the network as well as all digital platforms, where it can entertain for eternity without fear of anyone ever mentioning that once upon a time, a severed George W. Bush head was sort-of on Game Of Thrones and then everyone freaked out about it, as that kind of thing tends to fade from memory. And as you can see from the above comparison photo, this new head is unlikely to offend anyone except maybe for those who suffer from shellfish allergies. AND SCREW THEM, BECAUSE THEY ARE WAR CRIMINALS.


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