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This interactive Game Of Thrones map has everything

Much has been said about the fact that our culture is experiencing an unprecedented era of nerd domination. Within this newfound hierarchy of nerd popularity, cartographers must rank pretty high; how else can you explain the huge influence of highly-detailed maps of fictionalized places that are slowly taking over the Internet? Lord Of The RingsMiddle Earth got an interactive site, Hunger GamesPanem was charted, and Doctor Who’s TARDIS popped up on Google Maps. While there’s already been a detailed breakdown of Westeros’ geological history, the Game Of Thrones setting now has its own interactive map that brings fictional cartography to a whole new level.

This highly-interactive fan-made site allows users to zoom into Westeros or zoom out for some perspective on the world of Thrones. Clicking on a town or city will conveniently send users to the Game Of Thrones wiki. The map has information about the noble houses and their territories as well as an especially fascinating feature that allows users to select particular characters and see the path they take across the whole series. (Just look at how much land Daenerys covered while still being stuck in the show’s slowest moving plotline!) Best of all, a convenient slider allows users to indicate the most recent chapter or episode they are caught up on, thus ensuring no one is accidentally spoiled about characters’ future travels. The map comes courtesy of Game Of Thrones superfan theMountainGoat who is well on his way to proving he has what it takes to claim the Iron Nerd Throne. [via Gizmodo]


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