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Halloween is only six months away, which means it’s time for anyone who claims to take the holiday seriously to start sound-designing their lawn display. Luckily, you can save yourself thousands on clanking chains and howling wind machines this year by getting yourself a handy-dandy Apprehension Engine. The instrument, built by Tony Duggan-Smith and conceived by the score composer for The Witch, Mark Korven, allows you to recreate nearly every sound from a horror movie, from ominous tones to jarring metal grinding, giving the listener whatever the opposite of ASMR is.

According to the YouTube description, the completed instrument “consists of metal rulers which are bowed, a hurdy gurdy like mechanism … some long metal rods, magnets, trash, anything at all to get unnerving sounds.” All in all, it looks like a decorative piece of furniture from a restaurant going for an industrial chic vibe, but it certainly gets the job done. A few cranks on this baby and those pesky trick-or-treaters will think twice before stepping on your porch again.


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